Introduction to Gistlog

By mattstauffer

So, you might be asking yourself, what is Gistlog?

Gistlog is a blogging "platform" for people who want to quickly write and publish content, in Markdown, and don't want to bother with yet another platform and yet another login and yet another group hoarding their content. With Gistlog, you use your pre-existing Github login, you store the data in your own Github account, and you can publish with a single click.

Using Gistlog

  1. Create a public gist with a single file using Markdown. Set the gist description to be the title of your blog post
  2. Copy the gist URL, and paste it into the text box on the Gistlog home page
  3. Copy your resulting URL and share it as your blog post--note that it will be in the form of
  4. If you want to have your own Gistlog landing page (e.g., read all about it

What's coming next?

In addition to adding some sugar to the presentation layer, and hooking into Github comments without having to visit the Gist page, we're also hoping to transform Gistlog to become the sole place you need to go to create a Gist-backed, Markdown-formatted, blog.

Everything's out in the open, so check out the Github Repo if you want.


-Matt Stauffer & Adam Wathan of Tighten Co.

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This is great, thank you! The screencast of the spike to MVP was really interesting too...

But I admit that I'm mostly adding this comment to see how they look in site. 😄

EDIT Oops. No markdown support in comments yet. Maybe I'll do a PR? 😊

By the way, feel free to delete this comment if you like. I will not be offended.

Cool tutorial!

Awesome! Looking forward to watch the whole video this weekend.

Man, it's frustrating that I'm not getting notifications about these comments. Sorry folks! Great thinking on a PR to add markdown parsing to the comments. Didn't even think of that! Thanks @tonydew!

Cool stuff! The screencast was pretty nice! For the people using a Wordpress blog it would be cool to have a Widget in the Dashboard to create a Post out of a gist.

@tonydew: OK, we have Markdown comment support now! :)

This is super COOL

Thank you so much 💃

It is just missing to accept _emoji_

simple but interesting. great job matt! do you plan to add some cool features in the future?

Will there be a way to embed it on your own website?

Or, have multiple files in that gist and that each gist is a blog post or something?

I was nice to see someone how someone else thinks and codes a project. Keep up the good work, and maybe you can make more screencasts in the future.

This is awesome!


hey it's awesome

So good!

This looks better than my current blogging solution for sure.

Freaking geniuses! Love this idea

Simply Awesome !! :)

Feature request: Frontmatter parsing for meta/SEO purposes (including og:image etc)