Kids' books with Black protagonists

by mattstauffer

Note: Most of these are applicable to the ages older than I have listed, but I've put them where they were when my kids first started really enjoying them.

Infants (0-2ish?)

  • Shades of People
  • Peekaboo Morning and Peekaboo Bedtime

Really, anything in the "toddlers" section will be fine for these kids. But there aren't a ton of baby-focused books I know.

Toddlers (3-4 or 3-5ish?)

  • Sulwe
  • The Snowy Day
  • Please, Baby, Please
  • I like myself
  • All the World
  • I Got the Rhythm
  • Tiny and the Big Dig
  • Rapunzel (Rachel Isadora edition)
  • Big Hair, Don't Care
  • Princess Truly series

Young kids (4-7 ish?)

  • Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut
  • Firebird (Misty Copeland)
  • Sam and the Tigers
  • Mae Among the Stars
  • Jabari Jumps
  • Everything by Vashti Harrison!
  • The book about loving my hair inspired by the short movie that came out recently

Middle readers (maybe 6-9 or something?)

  • All of the EllRay Jakes books
  • John Henry (by Julius Lester and Jerry Pinkney)

I have more--I'll try to look at the kids' bookshelves later!

Uncategorized age-wise yet, or those I can't remember the title but will try to find it soon

  • The dancing one my kids love
  • The one about the Black family shopping

Suggestions from my friends

  • Billy Bloo is Stuck in Goo
  • Ada Twist, Scientist
  • Princeless (graphic novel series)
  • Secret Coders (graphic novel series)
  • Wizard of Earthsea
  • A list of books that discuss race and racism:
  • An app, "We Read, Too", featuring books by authors of color:
  • Broadening the Story: 60 Picture Books Starring Black Mighty Girls:
  • Bud, not Buddy
  • Islandborn by Junot Diaz
  • Ghost by Jason Reynolds
  • "Anything by Kwame Alexander"
  • The Stories Julian Tells
  • The House of Dies Drear
  • I Want to Be a Doctor
  • I Want to Be a Veterinarian
  • A Fist for Jou Louis and Me
  • "Any children's book by Nnedi Okorafor"
  • "Anything by Zetta Elliot"
  • Monster Trouble
  • Holes
  • Small Steps
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