Ignition 3 - Roadmap

by Anahkiasen

Ignition 3 - Roadmap

The main change is that Ignition is now completely decoupled from the forums.
It still provides some integrations to it (login with IPB, CDLCs are still posted in the forum) but all the application can be enjoyed without a forum account.


  • Design is now fully responsive
  • Markup is now Bootstrap compliant and compatible with any Bootstrap theme.
  • All Bootswatch themes are available by default in the settings panel
  • Also added some additional themes, including a Search 2 theme

Search and CDLCs

  • Browse and Search mode are now merged under a "Group by" setting, so you can use either in any page, depending on your needs
  • CDLCs submission is now handled within Ignition entirely
  • CDLCs can now be edited from Ignition
  • Added ability to like songs
  • Added ability to "report" songs (broken, bad tones, etc.) – 5 reports sends a notification to the charter
  • Album covers are now pulled automatically and aren't required anymore (they can still be provided if needed)
  • Added possibility to open songs in new pages
  • Added various new search criterias and informations (metronome track, acoustic, multitrack, etc.)
  • Comments are now handled within Ignition instead of pulled from the forum
  • Songs are now split from their arrangements – a song can have multiple arrangements, each having their own attributes (eg. Lead has DD, Rhythm doesn't, etc)


  • The requests app is now a complete part of Ignition
  • Requests are marked as completed when a song matching the Artist/Album/Title is created
  • Requesting a song that is already in Ignition redirects you to that song


  • Ignition is now fully decoupled from IPB, and has its own login/registration system
  • Login through IPB is still possible in the login page with the "Login with IPB" button


  • Dashboard page has been revamped and now shows more informations (most recently completed requests, etc.)

Sneak peak: live theme switching between Bootswatch themes

(That's a WIP version, don't freak out, the old theme is still here)

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